Anders Prior: Psychological stress and multimorbidity in general practice

Bettina Kjær Kristiansen: Securing follow-up in cervical cancer screening.

Berit Toftegaard: The impact of a continuing medical education meeting in earlier cancer diagnosis on knowledge, attitude and cancer referral pattern among general practitioners.


Line Hvidberg: Awareness and beliefs about cancer and barriers to healthcare seeking in the general population.


Anna Kirstine Winthereik: Provision of end-of-life care in general practice


Sara Marie Hebsgaard Offersen: Aiming for the ordinary: exploring everyday life experiences of bodily sensations and symptoms in the Danish middle class    


Mette Kjærgaard NielsenFacing bereavement: severe pre-loss grief symptoms and factors of complications during caregiving and bereavement in a nationwide caregiver cohort


Anette Riisgaard Ribe: The significance of comorbid physical conditions on the excess mortality of persons with severe mental illness


Camilla Hoffmann Merrild: Parallel lives. Anthropological perspectives on social differences in bodily experiences of sensations and health care seeking practices

Line Flytkjær Jensen: Patterns of non-participation in breast cancer screening


Anna Budtz-Lilly: Bodily distress syndrome in primary care: concept and epidemiology of a new diagnostic proposal for functional disorders


Mads Lind Ingeman: Non-specific symptoms and signs of cancer in general practice ─ access to investigation and diagnostic centres


Henry JensenImplementation of cancer patient pathways and the association with more timely diagnosis and earlier detection of cancer among incident cancer patients in primary care


Peter HjertholmClinical Activity in General Practice and Cancer


Christina Maar Andersen: The association between attachment and delay in the diagnosis of cancer in primary care


Louise MahnckeThe effect of direct referral for fast CT scan in early lung cander detection in general practice. A clinical, cluster-randomised trial


Christian Nielsen Wulff: The effect of hospital-based case management in cancer care pathways


Mai-Britt GuldinBereavement management. Description, screening and care. A randomized controlled study


Jette Møller AhrensbergChildhood cancer in primary health care – from symptom to treatment


Mette Bach LarsenDiagnosing cancer in a time of change - from delay to fast track


Rikke Sand Andersen: Approaching patient delay and cancer. Anthropological perspectives on concepts and causes


Trine Brogaard: Home is where the heart is. Coordinating care and meeting needs in palliative home care


Marie Louise Tørring: Time from first presentation of symptoms in primary care until diagnosis of cancer: Association with mortality


Torsten Risør: Why don't we take a look at the patient? An anthropological analysis of how doctors become doctors

Marianne Johansson Jørgensen: Udvikling og initial validering af et web-baseret spørgeskema til identifikation af prædiktorer for usikker sex blandt unge danskere (MPH-afhandling)



Tina Aaen Geest: Barriers to increased involvement of older patients in general practice care with special focus on older cancer patients

Henriette Schou Hansen: Medically unexplained symptoms in primary care – a mixed method study of diagnosis

Thorbjørn Hougaard Mikkelsen: Cancer rehabilitation in Denmark – with particular focus on the present and future role of general practice

Mette Asbjørn Neergaard: Palliative home care for cancer patients in Denmark – with a particular focus on the primary care sector, GPs and community nurses



Rikke Pilegaard Hansen: Delay in the diagnosis of cancer



Marianne Bjergager: Delay in diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer


Hanne Nørgaard Heje: Patient evaluation in general practice: Methodological aspects, influence of patient and GP characteristics and the GPs’ experiences with the evaluations


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