• Esben Næser: Diagnosis, clinical assessment and prognosis in patients with non-specific serious symptoms


  • Anders Prior: Psychological stress and multimorbidity in general practice
  • Berit Skjødeberg Toftegaard:  The impact of a continuing medical education meeting in earlier cancer diagnosis on knowledge, attitude and cancer referral pattern among general practitioners
  • Bettina Kjær Kristiansen: Securing follow-up in cervical cancer screening 
  • Line Hvidberg: Awareness and beliefs about cancer and barriers to healthcare seeking in the general population







  • Torsten Risør: Why don't we take a look at the patient? An anthropological analysis of how doctors become doctors
  • Marianne Johansson Jørgensen: Udvikling og initial validering af et web-baseret spørgeskema til identifikation af prædiktorer for usikker sex blandt unge danskere (MPH-afhandling)



  • Tina Aaen Geest: Barriers to increased involvement of older patients in general practice care with special focus on older cancer patients
  • Henriette Schou Hansen: Medically unexplained symptoms in primary care – a mixed method study of diagnosis
  • Thorbjørn Hougaard Mikkelsen: Cancer rehabilitation in Denmark – with particular focus on the present and future role of general practice
  • Mette Asbjørn Neergaard: Palliative home care for cancer patients in Denmark – with a particular focus on the primary care sector, GPs and community nurses



  • Rikke Pilegaard Hansen: Delay in the diagnosis of cancer



  • Marianne Bjergager: Delay in diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer
  • Hanne Nørgaard Heje: Patient evaluation in general practice: Methodological aspects, influence of patient and GP characteristics and the GPs’ experiences with the evaluations


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