PhD dissertations


Henrik Schou Pedersen: Use and validation of psychomtric tests in general practice

Amanda Paust: Social inequality in medical treatment


Michal Frumer: In the meantime: Tissue changes, anticipation, ethics, and forms of life in diagnostic lung cancer surveillance


Astrid Julie Bønnelykke: Anaemia in general practice. Laboratory testing, diagnostic investigations, and risk of cancer

Ane Bull Iversen: Stroke: symptom awareness, help-seeking behaviour and predictors of prehospital delay

Nanna Holt Jessen: Exploring diagnostic opportunities to optimise the early detection of abdominal cancer in general practice

  • Jessen NH, Jensen H, Falborg AZ, Glerup H, Gronbaek H, Vedsted P. Contacts to general practice in the year prior to a diagnosis of an abdominal cancer: a national register-based cohort study. Accepted with minor revisions.

Susanne Boel Graversen: Short-term readmission and mortality in older patients discharged after a pneumonia admission


Morten Fenger-Grøn: Anthropometry, depression and atrial fibrillation risk


Linda Aagaard Rasmussen: Detecting recurrence of cancer and second primary cancer: exploring the role of general practice

Dennis Schou Graversen: The quality of out-of-hours telephone triage  

Jonas Boysen Fynboe Ebert: Evaluating the feasibility of the emergency access button in the out-of-hours services in Denmark

Marie Louise Ladegaard Baun: Earlier detection of ovarian cancer in general practice

Bente Kjær Lyngsøe: Maternal depression and offspring health

Karen Busk Nørøxe: Well-being in general practitioners and quality in healthcare