Research in

  • mental disorders, psychometric tests and bereavement

The general practitioner (GP) treats a wide range of mental health problems, including depression, anxiety and stress-related disorders. The GP may refer severe cases to a psychologist or psychiatrist, but many mild to moderate mental health issues are managed and treated effectively in general practice.

The current projects focus on seven main themes:

  • Diagnosis of mental disorders
  • Grief and bereavement
  • Mental well-being and chronic disease
  • Problem-solving therapy as a cognitive-behavioural intervention
  • Talk therapy as mental health treatment
  • Treatment with antidepressants
  • Validation of psychometric tests.

The research group is also engaged in studies investigating ways to improve the diagnostic accuracy of psychometric tools and the treatment of combined somantic and mental disorders in general practice.

Selected publications



  • Diagnosing mental disorders in general practice (Kaj Sparle Christensen)
  • Grief trajectories and the use of health services among bereaved relatives (Mette Kjærgaard Nielsen)

  • Mental health in patients with type 2 diabetes in general practice (Line Thordahl Jakobsen)

  • Mental well-being in patients with chronic disease (Anne Søjbjerg, Stinne Eika Rasmussen)

  • Psychometric tools in general practice (Henrik Schou Pedersen)