About us

The Research Unit for General Practice in Aarhus is one of four Danish research units that conduct research in general practice and the interface between primary and secondary care.

The research unit has a strong collaboration with the Department of Public Health at Aarhus University and is also accommodated in the yellow-stone campus buildings at Aarhus University. The other three national research units are each located at the universities in Aalborg, Copenhagen and Odense.

General practice is the citizens' primary access point to the health care system. Approximately 90 percent of all contacts are handled in general practice. It is important that the organisation of general practice and the collaboration with secondary care are based on solid knowledge, such as research conducted at the Reseach Unit for General Practice. All activities centre on general practice, including research, teaching, knowledge dissemination, quality development and consultancy.

The Research Unit for General Practice is an independent organisation, which is funded primarily be the Danish General Practice Fund under Danish Regions, but most of the research activities are funded by external sources and grants.