Acute primary care research

Why is this important?

Residents in Denmark can contact a doctor 24/7 in case of an emergency. Most residents are listed with a specific general practitioner (GP), who must be contacted for health-related issues in the daytime.

Outside office hours (8 am - 4 pm), on-call GPs can be contacted in case of acute illness or exacerbation of chronic disease. Thus, the on-call GPs cover most of the hours when treatment needs may occur.

The organisation of on-call GPs have changed in the past 10-30 years in many countries, including Denmark. Many small clinics have merged into large-scale GP cooperatives serving larger populations in greater catchment areas. Four of the five regions in Denmark have established a GP cooperative. These cooperatives form part of the acute healthcare system across primary and secondary care.

The research group conducts research in the entire range of the acute primary healthcare system. A particular focus is given to general practice and its collaboration with other acute healthcare services, such as the urgent medical helpline (1813), emergency rooms and emergency medical services (112).

The group collaborates with many different partners in emergency care and also forms part of the European research network for Out-Of-Hours primary health care (EurOOHnet).

Selected publications

  • Communication quality in telephone triage conducted by general practitioners, nurses or physicians: a quasi-experimental study using the AQTT to assess audio-recorded telephone calls to out-of-hours primary care in Denmark.
  • Contacts in general practice during the COVID-19 pandemic: a register-based study. 
  • Does an emergency access button increase the patients' satisfaction and feeling of safety with the out-of-hours health services? A randomised controlled trial in Denmark. 
  • Patient motives for contacting out-of-hours care in Denmark: A cross-sectional study.
  • Sociodemographic characteristics associated with contacts to emergency medical services and out-of-hours primary care: An observational study of 2.3 million citizens.
  • Variation of GP antibiotic prescribing tendency for contacts with out-of-hours primary care in Denmark - a cross-sectional register-based study.


  • Associations between GP factors and video use in out-of-hours primary care (Ida Bergholdt Jul Christiansen)
  • Organisation and quality of telephone triage (Linda Huibers)

  • Use of video in telephone contacts in out-of-hours primary care (Mette Amalie Nebsbjerg)

  • Task shifting in out-of-hours primary care (Katrine Bjørnshave Bomholt)