Strategy (2022-2026)


  • To create health and wellbeing for individuals, groups and society through research in general practice.


  •  We conduct research with a multidisciplinary focus, with a view to producing and disseminating knowledge to enhance the efforts in general practice.


We respect one another

  • Core values ​​are openness, dialogue, friendliness, diversity and good relations.

  • The community at the research unit must provide all employees with a good foundation.

  • The research unit's values ​​and culture are central to all activities.

We get involved

  • Our workplace is based on equality, mutual respect, safety, recognition, and open and trusting dialogue.

  • All employees are expected to take an interest in their colleagues, to support each other, to share knowledge, and to contribute to cultivating a great work environment.

  • We communicate in an informal manner, where social wellbeing and the community are highly valued, and where knowledge and experiences are shared.

We create value

  • A common value base and a shared culture ensure coherence and direction in the organisation.

  • The research unit creates value for the community by doing research in general practice and primary care.

  • We convey new knowledge to general practitioners, to other health professionals and to patients.